Our Story – Dollish The Beauty Co.

Our Story

Founded by Cierra Curtis, Dollish The Beauty Co is fem-powered by Doll The Lash Bar, the very first lash salon in South Jersey! We proudly served Cherry Hill and the surrounding areas through eyelash extensions, since 2013. Our mission is to elevate beauty routines so that you can unleash your inner doll! For seven years at Doll The Lash Bar, we served clients in our private, luxury space, where they could come in for a relaxing, lash-filled experience. Through the delicate art of eyelash extensions, our dolls would leave with the boost of confidence they needed to conquer their day. Since our launch, we have been committed to providing top-notch cosmetics, safety, and experiences for our customers. 

As a full time lash artist at Doll The Lash Bar, Cierra had begun developing her own line of luxury cosmetics. Her Lash Bath + Lash Cleansing Brush quickly became a fan favorite amongst her clients and team, which sparked a new passion of hers - product development! The next product she had her heart set on to create was her own lash extension line, to be used at DTLB of course! She began the process, started testing her new line out on her clientele, but then the global pandemic hit. Like many beauty salons, DTLB was forced to close, unfortunately. Since Cierra was not a stranger to facing adversity, she pivoted quickly from developing lash extensions to developing lash extension-inspired lash strips, instead. With new stay-at-home-orders and the demand for lashes still being at an all-time high, Cierra still wanted to help lash lovers achieve easy lash glam - but now, from the comfort of their own home. With passion and fine attention to detail, Cierra launched her luxury lash line, just like she had always dreamt, with a promise to keep quality, safety, and excellent customer service at the forefront.

While Doll The Lash Bar was primarily focused on the application of eyelash extensions locally, we rebranded as Dollish The Beauty Co. to expand upon our beauty brand. With more of a keen focus on product development and building a supportive community for beauty professionals, Dollish The Beauty Co. is on a bigger mission. In 2020 during the global pandemic, Cierra decided to partner with a non-profit organization, called Beauty Changes Lives, to help give our time back to beauty professionals. This non-profit empowers beauty industry professionals through education, mentorship, and advancement opportunities. 

As the founder of Doll The Lash Bar, Cierra's knowledge, experience, & passion for the beauty world has always been deep-rooted in both the beauty consumer and the beauty professional, as you can see. While she loves beauty services and products, Cierra understands firsthand, the need for beauty professionals to invest in ongoing education to stay on top and relevant throughout their careers. This is why partnering with a non-profit organization that aligned with this mission was so important to her.

Most recently, we have launched South Jersey's first Lash Vending Machines, which conveniently dispenses luxury lash cosmetics for beauty enthusiasts on the go. Now you can enjoy a quick, contactless, & innovative way to grab your favorite lash essentials with no wait time or shipping fees.

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