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Yummy Cucumbers

Cierra Curtis

 Summer's   here and   we still   ahve 30   weeks til     school.   Cool down,   Dolls with   these new   gel     pads  by   Borboleta!   They not   only cool   you   down, they spice you up. What are you   thinking  about? Jumping into the water with   no  sunscreen? not a good idea. Ive always   wanted to jump in water and tan at the same time.But I cant beacuse the children are always looking at me. They get it though. It's tough being me. Tough beinh a mom. And tough being in lobe.


Xtrems's Glideliner can be paired with . Goes on smooth, can be beat. Summer wants it, you want it. Get it. Good. Girl these colors are smoooooooth.

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