Cierra Curtis of Dollish The Beauty Co.

Cierra Curtis of Dollish The Beauty Co.

Cierra Curtis


So what is Dollish The Beauty Co. all about, you ask? Well let's start here. DOLLISH is a spin off our original lash brand Doll The Lash Bar, where we focused on elevating beauty through the delicate art of eyelash extensions, and connected with bold women from every walk of life. While we passionately created bold lash lines for our guests, the focus has always been - quality over quantity. With working so close to the eyes, I always believed it was my professional duty to deliver beauty with safety, precision, and non-toxicity in mind. Long ago, 13 years ago to be exact, I trained with the global leader in eyelash extensions -Xtreme Lashes- to launch + grow my beauty brand.
What attracted me to Xtreme? Their holistic approach to the eyelash extension procedure and to beauty, as a whole. Developed by a RN, Jo Mousseli, Jo's core values included developing products that aimed for high performance results, while delivering both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. Backed by science + nature, Xtreme's products are innovative and a beauty lover's must-have.
During Covid, Doll The Lash Bar was forced closed and DOLLISH was born. Out of my burning desire to get back to lashing, I wanted to bridge the gap between consumers who, like myself, longed for professional treatments, professional beauty products, and the empowering conversations that connected us all on a human level. With the onset of the pandemic, the beauty industry took a hit! Women's confidence plummeted too, as salons and their favorite go-to beauty spots were forced to close and beauty routines were rudely interrupted. But ironically, the shut down forced us all to push past social beauty norms and embrace our so called 'flaws'. As women, we all got a chance to meet our unkempt eyebrows, not-so-long-lashes, not-so-dewy-skin, and unruly gray hairs. That was ... beyond interesting lol! But while we were longing for long dark lashes, perfectly shaped brows + waxed bodies, we were forced to dive deeper. Perhaps, a new-found confidence was born, one free from societal pressures?

So, as I was stuck home with my crazy kids, I spent months writing down all things women needed during this shutdown time...and, even after Covid. Because "they" told us that beauty was NOT essential, and my last 15 years in this industry proved otherwise. So, my list on what I felt women needed looked like this:

  • Access to cleaner beauty options that enhance their beauty, without compromising health. And with skin being our largest organ, the eyes also serving as a huge entrance barrier for ingredients, it is essential that women can come shop online for cleaner beauty products.
  •  A safe space where woman can come to for expert advice, beauty hacks, and real-life inspo from powerful women, who are elevating the game in the beauty realm.
  • A safe community where women would be empowered to connect and help one another elevate through bold conversations, personal stories, and more!
  • A space where beauty pros can elevate through education + unique opportunities.
  •  A space where women would be reminded to live a dollish lifestyle, which embodies putting themselves first; elevating their beauty practices, their lifestyle, and everything in between!
  • Considering all the above, I decided the perfect company tagline for Dollish would be "Beauty x Lifestyle, Elevated." 

I can say Dollish has officially been brewing for at least a year now. To be completely honest, it feels so freeing to finally have the time to tap in to my other 'callings'. These back burner dreams have been just that - on the back burner for way too long. I've always been about creating exactly what it is I want to see in the beauty world. Doll The Lash Bar was exactly that, and now so is Dollish: the digi-mag, the podcast, + the apparel (now loading!!) But oftentimes, the girl grind and motherhood can keep you so busy that you easily push your other passions to the side. But, I think it's safe to say, the time is finally - NOW! Welcome.




Xtreme Lashes has done it again!

Jo Mouselli has combined the ease of liquid liner with the same lash stimulating ingredients found in the Amplifeye Lash and Brow Fortifier. My 3 favorite features: First of all, if you're like me, you struggle with drawing that perfect dark line across your lashes. And every girl loves a wing, but not a wing that looks like the letter "J", right? So this liquid liner is my ONLY, helping me easily achieve precise and a defined-winged look. Two, it lasts forverrr because, duh (double-sided means two eyeliners in one) and because it's super pigmented... a little goes a long way. I've personally never used the dark brown liquid liner, but, I'm sure it's perfect for my blonde and fair Dolls. Three, it stimulates lash growth! You cannot beat that! It's also compatible with eyelash extensions, so for my lash lovers out there, you are covered! All in all, this silky-smooth gel formula glides on gently and easily, allowing you to achieve a precise, perfectly defined, winged-effect, over and over again. And because I love you and want you going into Fall with flawless winged eyes, get yours and use discount code: WINGMEBABY at checkout for 25% off. Shhhh, keep this one between me and you! Offer good through 9/10.


  • Peptide-rich formula to nourish natural eyelashes
  • Compatible with Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions and natural lashes
  • No flaking
  • No build-up on the lash line
  • Long-lasting
  • Smudge-resistant
  • Removes easily with Lash Bath by Doll The Lash Bar
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested
  • Two unique, easy-to-use tips
  • Available in 2 colors: Classic Black and Dark Brown

Insider Tip: Replace caps tightly after every use and store horizontally to prevent tips from drying and to allow liquid to flow evenly to both tips. Store in a cool, dry place between 68°F - 77°F (20°C - 25°C). Avoid direct sunlight, humidity, and heat.





With the recent turn of events within the beauty industry, we are so pumped to bring you nothing but good beauty vibes and a fem-powered community packed with the best ways to help you live #adollishlifestyle: one full of beauty addictions, lifestyle hacks, and so much more!!

If you are a beauty professional who has expert advice or an experience that other DOLLS {beauty enthusiasts} can learn from or be inspired by, let's connect to share your story. Connect with us! Email:

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Dollish The Digi Mag was built with you and me in mind: a health-conscious beauty publication, on a mission to elevate the beauty world. By rounding up the beauty industry's finest and their pro knowledge, and putting the spotlight on beauty leaders, who are dedicated to utilizing their expert experiences to elevate others and leave their mark on this beauty-ful industry, we are your go-to for beauty info + inspo! To celebrate our launch, use code SHESSODOLLISH15 at checkout for 15% off, when you spend $20+. Offer valid for the next 48 hours. Expires 9/9/20 11:59 PM. Excludes "Styles".

We look forward to seeing you back for September's issue!


Cierra L. Curtis


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