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Faly Legagneur of Londyn Artistry

Cierra Curtis

Exclusive Interview with Faly Legagneur

1. Q: What is the name of your beauty brand and what do you offer?
A: My beauty brand is called Londyn Artistry. We specialize in on-site glam + beauty services.
2. Q: How long have you been a licensed cosmetologist and why did you decide to go into the beauty industry?
A: I have been licensed for about 15 years. I’ve always been drawn to the beauty industry. I love everything about it- from the fashion to the hair/makeup. Doing hair just kind of came natural to me, so it was only right I became a professional at it. But I never imagined where it would take me...
3. Q: What inspired you to launch Londyn Artistry, and how has the beauty industry shaped your company's mission?
A: I was inspired to launch Londyn Artistry because after becoming a mom, it became difficult trying to work the hours based on when the salon was open and also being able to be with my child. I’ve always worked on weddings on the side and realized that I liked the flexibility, freedom, and convenience of it all. I feel like the beauty industry is headed in a direction of exclusivity and women are starting to normalize luxury and being pampered. People love to feel pampered, not just on their wedding day. Soon, I believe everyone will have a personal glam squad at their leisure.
4. Q: What made you start a beauty-on-demand glam service vs opening a typical hair salon?
 A: I figured why not offer beauty services that work to the convenience of the consumer, while also giving the artists the freedom to work within their own schedules. We mainly service the Tri-state area NY, NY, PA but we are available to go wherever we are needed; that’s the beauty of having a personal glam squad agency. We have a lot of out-of-state clients who book us when they know they will be town. That gives them the luxury of not having to worry about what they’re gonna do with their hair for the next few days or what’s the best closest salon. How much more convenient can you get?
5. Name a highlight in your career that has made you realize that you're artistry + creativity had reached a new level of excellence.
A: The moments when my work was published in several online magazines - @shubamagazine, @elementsmagazine, @periodmagazine. I've also had the amazing opportunity to work on a few of the America's Next Top Model Alumni!
5. Q: Does Londyn Artistry cater to brides?
Yes, absolutely! We make it our mission to bring a once in a lifetime experience to our brides on their most important day. Our hard work has led us to winning The Couple's Choice Awards 3 years in row with @weddingwire. They also ranked us Top Wedding Vendors in New Jersey! Our team prides ourselves in  accommodating any wedding party, in any space, and being a glam squad that can cater to all ethnicities.
5. Q: What would you say is Londyn Artistry's proudest moment or accomplishment?
A: I would say LA’s proudest accomplishment was hosting a my very first fashion show to help raise money for a local shelter and also, to bring other creatives together to network and vibe out to some really dope fashions and fun. My fashion show was inspired by a time I had the opportunity to work on the set of New York Fashion Week in 2017. After my show, I realized how many different relationships were formed because of something that I created... and that makes me smile. It also let’s me know I’m doing something right because something that started out to make a way for myself is becoming something way bigger then I could have ever imagined ... and that makes me proud.
6. Q: What expert beauty advice can you give for the Dolls who want to serve easy glam this holiday season? What are your go-to's?
A: My expert advice for easy glam is: 1.) Drink lots of water. I try to drink a half gallon a day. 2.) A good BB cream always saves the day. I use the TART brand. 3) A good brow pencil is a must. I use Benefit's Micro-Filling Pen from Sephora. 4) And a great quality lash strip- I get mine from Dollish The Beauty Co. @dollishbeautyco. Add some lip balm, and you’re good to go!
8. Q: As a pro hair stylist, what are some hair tricks/tips we could use to help our strands conquer the upcoming winter months? 
A: A good hair tip I would give is pretty much the same as your skin- hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I can not stress it enough. You would be surprised at how healthy your hair can be just from simply keeping yourself hydrated and keeping your hair hydrated, moisturized, and trimmed. 
9. Q: What advice would you give a Doll who is struggling with owning her "so-called" flaws?
A: Advice on owning your “flaws “ is just that - OWN IT! Whatever it is, make it work in your favor. Once you own it, then it doesn’t own you or make you do things that aren’t logical.
10. Q: What can beauty enthusiasts look forward to with the future of Londyn Artistry? 
A: We have so many things in the works, especially more classes for new stylists, lessons, and tutorials on the proper ways to do certain hair styles and makeup looks for the everyday doll; more fashion shows, more collaborations with some awesome creatives ... and just continue to brand ourselves as being one of New Jersey’s top service providers.
Find Londyn Artistry:
IG: @londynartistryglam  FB: @londynartistry
Exclusive Dollish Discount Code: glam01 when booking, for 15% off or $30 off any service $200+


Holiday Sneak Peek: The All-New Lash Strips by Dollish The Beauty Co.
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"So, I recently tried out a new set of strip lashes from Dollish The Beauty Co. and let me tell y'all, I usually struggle to put on lashes especially if I'm in a rush but sometimes I just want to add a little drama to my eyes and don't want to layer on a bunch of mascara. At first glance, they looked a little dramatic and if anyone knows me, they know I can't stand over-dramatized lashes, especially if I'm just trying to achieve a natural, everyday glam. Once I applied these lashes, to my surprise they gave me the exact amount of drama I was looking for, not to mention super easy to apply. Even though you can apply them the traditional way with lash glue (which I hate), I used Dollish's new Eyeliner Adhesive Pen, which I love! Unlike traditional glue, I didn't need to wait for it to dry and it had a really strong hold, without the mess. It's safe to say these will be my go-to lashes and I would highly recommend this line to anyone that struggles to apply lashes or is a beginner. You won't be disappointed! " - Faly Legagneur


Thanks for stopping by for our latest issue! We cannot believe Issue #3 is here already! We hope you've gained some valuable insight from Faly Legagneur! We cannot wait to see how her beauty-on-demand Glam Squad continues to grow and reach new milestones! Also, we hope you are as EXCITEDDD about our new product launch, as we are! Let's be honest, it's been tough adjusting to the current climate of our country, especially our beauty routines. With shutting down in March and with Covid STILL apart of our lives, we cannot wait to bring our Dolls luxury lashes to help you elevate your look from home! Soft lash glam, over-the-top-lash-glam, and everything in between - we will have you covered! If you want be first in line for our New  Lash Collection Launch - go to our home page, scroll down just a tad, and drop your email address into the "New Product Line Launching" email box! And last but not least, we are wishing you a great holiday season and New Year. We'll see you in 2021. Stay tuned for our next issue.
Cierra L. Curtis
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